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Green T - Professional Hydraulic Lift Bonsai Turntable

Green T - Professional Hydraulic Lift Bonsai Turntable

Large Mugo pine on a Green T professional bonsai turntable.


IBUKI Studio Bonsai & Ceramics by Mariusz Folda is pleased to introduce to our customers  an essential tool GreeT -- Professional Hydraulic Lift Bonsai Turntable  that will help you work on your trees more efficiently and comfortably.

In Japan hydraulic lift turntables have been the standard for years, but their prohibitive costs have limited their spread in the West. Thanks to professional researchers and the collaboration of well-known bonsai professionals, we are able to offer you a tool inspired by the Japanese turntable and improved in several details (including price).

GreenT is Bigger
The surface is 58cm (23 inches) diameter instead of the usual 50 cm (almost 20 inches). This allows you to work on your largest trees and your smallest trees. You can comfortably use the excess space to have your tools easily accessible.

GreenT is Stronger
The work surface is made out of phenolic marine pine plywood which is painted and coated in solid non slip rubber (4 mm thickness, hardness Shore A 70 ). Lifting capacity is up to 200 kg (440 lbs). Tightening screws and threaded bushes are completely made of stainless steel. All the materials used in the construction of Green T guarantee an excellent outdoor weather resistant turntable.

GreenT is More Useful
Green T features a metal base with five-star support (five horizontal ‘legs’) for maximum stability and a hydraulic foot control lift that adjusts to a maximum height of 60cm (23.6 inches) and a minimum of 43 cm (17 inches). The swing brake of the table can be disconnected with a simple movement of the pedal. Five removable eye screws, located under the bottom edge of the work surface, allow you to anchor your bonsai to the table (see below).


GreenT is Lighter
Even with the superior features listed above, at 15 kg (33 lbs), Green T weighs the same as its Japanese competitors.


Price for Green T is 285 euro  vat and shipping and handling included in EU !!!
This comes to about half the price of an imported Japanese turntable - you save 
Green T is made in Italy.



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