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IBUKI Bonsai Sieved Substrate-17l

IBUKI SIEVED bonsai substrates/soil (17l bags):
please visit our online shop www.ibuki-shop.com

(pumice/bims, akadama, lava, zeolite, kiryu, kanuma)

Types of IBUKI Sieved Substrates (17l bags):
- Pumice (bims)
- Lava
- Zeolite
- Akadama


General Mixes (17l bags:)
- Akadama/Pumice 50/50 MIX (for needle bonsai)
- Akadama/Pumice 60/40 MIX (for leaf trees)
- Akadama/Lava 50/50 MiX (for needle trees)
- Akadama/Lava 60/40 MIX (for leaf trees)

Advanced Mixes (17l bags:)
- Akadama/Lava/Pumice/Zeolite 30/30/30/10 MIX ( general use substrate for young branch structure bonsai)
- Akadama/Lava/Pumice 30/30/30 MIX (general use substrate for advanced branch structure bonsai)

- MIX Custom-Made - tell us what is your preferred substrate mix and we prepare it for you.  Ask for price.

Wholesale Prices*
*wholesale prices apply if 50 bags or more are ordered. Mix of different type and sizes of substrate within the 50 bags possible.

Substrate available sizes: (apply to all of our IBUKI sieved substrates)10-11mm for yamadori material (yamadori size)
6,5-7 mm for pine and large bonsai (large size)
4,5-5mm for general bonsai use (medium size - most popular)
2,5-3mm for smaller bonsai and shohin (small size)

(Chose a few different available types of substrates at the same size and you are ready to prepare your own mix, all particles the same, all same size as it should be. Of course we can prepare any mix you desire here at IBUKI.


Imported Japanese Substrates Unsieved available at IBUKI (14l):
These substrates are not sieved and contain dust as all substrates imported from Japan.
akadama (hard brand IBARAKI) 14l original Japanese bag
kiryu and kanuma 14l original Japanese bag


IBUKI Sieved Bonsai Substrates - description
It took a few years to make this idea come true. There was a special machinery developed for IBUKI that sieves substrate that is the exactly size that we all need for our bonsai and the substrate is perfectly cleaned, all particles are of the same size and there is no dust at all. So you can just use it at once, no sieving needed at all ;) no extra work, ready to use. We do it here at IBUKI all for you. For example as it's well known if akadama is sieved, 1/5 of the original akadama bag consists of dust. IBUKI Substrate is sieved so there is virtually no dust.

Low cost shipping on a wooden pallet. We can ship about 70-80 bags of different/chosen substrate on one pallet
IBUKI Studio Bonsai ships worldwide. We use a wide range of shipping companies. Once you place your order, we work hard for you to find the best shipping solution, so the products are safe and the cost is as low as only it is possible. Once we determine the best shipping solution we contact you at once for your approval.


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