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IBUKI Bonsai Wire - production

IBUKI Studio Bonsai & Ceramics is producing aluminium and copper bonsai wire. 

IBUKI Aluminium Bonsai Wire - anneled and anodised.
It is bonsai wire that is anneled so it soft and playable that makes it great to work with. Due to it highest quality (very high content of aluminium)
the wire does not breat while twisting. It is very important characteristic for professional bonsai wire.
Another very important thing is that the wire is anodised not painted as most products from China or Korea and it has very natural dark brown colour..
Aluminium bonsai wire is widely used for general use of bonsai. However it is most recomended for leaf bonsai trees. Their bark is very delicate so it is the wire comparing to copper wire that is best for needle trees.

IBUKI Aluminium Bonsai Wire is sold in 500g rolls.
Available sizes of the wire (in milimeters)

1  1.5  2  2.5  3  3.5  4  4.5  5  5.5  6 mm 

7.5Euro for 500g roll
6.5Euro for 500g roll (if you order minimum 10kg of the wire or more)

Wholesale prices for pros and traders available. Please send us an enquire.

IBUKI Copper Bonsai Wire - anneled and cleaned from copper oxide
Our copper wire is evenly anneled so it is very soft and playable. The production process is designed this way that the finished product is completely cleaned and it virtually has no copper oxide coat on.
It is esential that the copper wire used for bonsai work is very soft. When copper wire is moved a lot or stored for prolonged time it becames very hard. This what happens with copper wire imported from Japan, China etc. Our wire is produced on regular basis and goes throught the shortest possible way to the end user. Because it is produced in Poland the time or distance is not an issue. Our clients can ejnoy the best quality of copper wire available on the market.
Copper wire is best to be used with needle trees. The characterystic of copper is that once applied on the branches it become hard and holds the branches very very well. Aluminium when worked becomes even softer and it will never hold as well as copper wire. Because of that bonsai trees wired with aluminium can go out of shape much easier while strong wind, snow fall or due to the strengh of the tree growth. 
Copper wire applied to bonsai looks much better than aluminium as we use smaller sizes and the wire is not as much visible.

Drut miedziany jest najczęściej używany do bonsai iglastych. Jest on drutem twardszym w aplikacji od
drutu aluminiowego lecz jego ogromną zaletą jest to że po nałożeniu jeszcze bardziej twardnieje i dobrze trzyma spozycjonowane gałęzie. Jako ze jest twardszy od alominiowego, nakładane średnice są cieńsze od drutu aluminiowego i dlatego jest on mniej widoczny na zadrutowanych gałęziach.

IBUKI Copper Bonsai Wire is offered in 1kg rolls

Available Sizes of IBUKI Copper Wire:
0.6  0.8 1  1.2  1.5  1.8  2  2.3  2.5  2.8  3  3.5  4  4.5  5  6 mm

22Euro for 1kg
19Euro for 1kg (minimum order 10kg)

Wholesale prices for pros and traders available. Please send us an enquire


IBUKI Bonsai Wire is already used by bonsai pros and bonsai enthusiast throughout Europe.
Some of the pros that use it:
Walter Pall, David Benavente, Vaclav Novak, Tony Tickle, Valentin Borse, El Tim and many others. 

IBUKI Bonsai Wire has been used during major bonsai exhibitions and bonsai demonstrations:
Noelanders Trophy
European Bonsai-San Show
Bonsai Europa

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